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Beach Chalet Brewery






Beach Chalet Brewery






All of our Ales are handcrafted locally at our Chalet Brewery in San francisco by Master Brewer Ryan Carnall.
Next time you are in, ask for a taste of our 21st Anniversary Pre-Prohibition Lager

Current Brew…

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****New Brew****

Best in the West Brut IPA

IBU: 23

ABV: 6.75%

Appearance: Light brown - Caramel

Nose: Amazing granny smith apple aroma. Hints of a rose garden next to an apple orchard.

Taste: Dry citrus IPA flavor hint of caramel

  • Dry hopped with Warrior hops

  • Champagne and California ale yeast

Notes: This brew is dry hopped with 100% Warrior hops - meaning we added Warrior hops to the cold side of the beer making process that only extracts the hop flavor and none of the bitterness. Best of the West is light brown with a touch of caramel notes. It is an easy drinking "I'll have another one" type of beer. Tiny carbonated bubbles really alley-oop this brew to a celebration-style beer.

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